Advanced training courses for medical personnel in Israel

Advanced training courses for medical personnel in Israel2021-04-04T15:55:26+03:00

Since its foundation in 2006, the medical company “Comet” has successfully conducted over a hundred advanced training courses for medical personnel in leading medical and educational centers in Israel.
On the basis of these medical centers, with the help of the most modern equipment, students receive theoretical, practical knowledge and training in various fields of medicine.

Courses are held directly at world-famous, major medical centers such as IKHILOV, SHEBA, WOLFSON, HADASSA and others, as well as at the Faculty of Medicine of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem universities (recently included in the list of 200 best universities in the world).

Over the years of the center’s work, hundreds of students from various countries of the world have been trained, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Cyprus, Equatorial Guinea, etc.

Courses are conducted in both Hebrew and Russian, there is a staff of professional translators who help students overcome language and cultural barriers.

Only highly qualified doctors – specialists, professors with a worldwide reputation, who pass on their knowledge to listeners, taking into account their experience and level of professional training, are involved in the courses held by the Comet Center.

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The training process also pays attention to the peculiarities of the health care system of each country with the aim of fundamentally improving the level of medical care for the population of these countries.

Some of the courses conducted by the Komet Center are held in laboratories equipped with the world’s best simulation training equipment. providing excellent additional opportunities for individual and group training of medical professionals.

Hundreds of doctors, nurses, paramedic teams and administrators of medical institutions have received through the center “Komet”, valuable knowledge and clinical experience, contributing to their personal professional growth and allowing them to make a personal contribution to the development of medical centers and the level of medical. service in local clinics.

All trainees were very pleased with the learning process and the complexity of the tasks that were set for them during their training in the leading medical and educational centers in Israel.

Currently, and over the past years, the company has been implementing many training and professional development courses for medical personnel in the following areas:

  • cardiology and cardiac surgery.
  • neurosurgery.
  • neanatology.
  • gynecology.
  • otolaryngology.
  • transfusiology.
  • hepatology and gastroenterology.
  • pediatric surgery.
  • hematology oncology (bone marrow transplant).
  • hospital management
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Our experience in conducting training courses to improve the qualifications of medical workers in various areas, allows you to organize a course for you and create an individual training program in the desired direction, on the basis of leading Israeli clinics, under the guidance of the best specialists and professors.
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