The leading academic clinic “Asaf Ha-Rofe”, whose specialists participate in various international studies, and the results of the research are demonstrated at prestigious medical conferences, both in Israel and abroad, was founded in 1949. Since then, the Medical Center “Asaf Ha-Rofe” has been closely cooperating with the Faculty of Medicine. Zakler Tel Aviv University. And scientific works of specialists and professors of the medical center “Asaf Ha-Rofe” are published in world scientific publications.

Moreover, the Asaf Ha-Rofe Medical Center has developed educational programs in many disciplines of medicine. So, the medical center includes the following Schools. Academic School of Nursing, which is affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. School of Physiotherapy, which is affiliated with Tel Aviv University. And the School of Radiology and Radiologists, which is supported by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the University. Bar-Ilana.

Clinic “Asaf Ha-Rofe” is located 15 km from Tel Aviv and the International Airport. Ben-Gurion, which makes the entrance to the clinic much easier. This is the third largest clinic in Israel. The clinic employs about 3,000 employees, including 700 doctors. The clinic receives 8,000 newborns annually. It has 900 inpatient beds, 21 modern operating theaters and the largest pressure chamber in the Middle East. More than 52,500 inpatients are treated in the clinic annually. And the ambulance provides about 143,000 patient visits per year. About 1,000 foreign patients are treated at the clinic every year.

At the Asaf Ha-Rofe clinic, both basic and clinical studies are carried out. The clinic has an ISO laboratory certificate. In the medical center “Asaf Ha-Rofe”, treatment and diagnosis of diseases is carried out only by professional specialists in all areas of medicine. In addition, the clinic has private and family wards, in case loved ones want to stay with the patient. The medical staff of the Asaf Ha-Rofe clinic does everything to surround their patients with sincere care, warmth and attention.