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Israeli doctors share their experience in combating Covid19


Under the chairmanship of the Department of Science and Human Resources of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for three days, the director of the COMET-ISRAEL center, Sigal Adel, as part of international efforts and cooperation in the fight against the spread of coronavirus, held webinars on a gratuitous basis and in [...]

Israeli doctors share their experience in combating Covid192021-04-27T21:03:48+03:00

Medical Center – Soraski (Ichilov)


One of the largest medical centers in Tel Aviv is truly the Medical Center. Soraski, founded in 1899 or as it is also called Ichilov. Also, the center is the third largest medical institution in Israel. In addition, the medical center. Sorasky provides all the academic and research opportunities specifically for specialists from the School [...]

Medical Center – Soraski (Ichilov)2021-04-11T13:20:38+03:00

СОМЕТ and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have established a joint fund for research in human health


It is my pleasure to share the news that СОМЕТ and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have established a joint fund for research in human health. The fund will be directed towards the development of new therapies, rapid diagnostics, technologies that protect medical staff, innovations in healthcare and more. These interdisciplinary projects will [...]

СОМЕТ and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology have established a joint fund for research in human health2021-04-05T00:14:57+03:00

Memorandum sign


On December 16, 2016 Israel Prime Minister  Netanyahu made the first visit to Kazakhstan. The CEO of Comet Miss. Adel Sigal as the member of Israel's official delegation, within the framework  of the Business Forum, signed MOUs on cooperation in the area of medical education.

Memorandum sign2021-04-04T23:24:49+03:00

Refresher course in Cardiology


Short-term refresher course for cardiologists under the guidance of Professor Rosenman Yosef and Dr. Zeev Halfin Training Center: Courses include practical training at the Israeli Medical Center WOLFSON The training consists of two stages First stage: Theoretical lessons Workshops Second stage: Master classes led by professors from Israel Course program Basic electrocardiography: Patient with pain [...]

Refresher course in Cardiology2021-04-04T15:52:34+03:00

Course of modern neonatology


Under the guidance of leading specialists and professors of Israeli centers and clinics Training Center: The course includes practical classes at medical centers in Israel Duration: The program is designed for 1 month of intensive training The training consists of 2 stages First stage: theoretical lessons in Russian, presentations, seminars in small groups, accompaniment of [...]

Course of modern neonatology2021-04-04T15:36:37+03:00

Internship on Cardiology, Internal Medicine


Completed a 3-month scientific internship Oshakbaev Kuat Pernekulovich, Head of Scientific Research Department, State Tax Service. Scientific internship places: Medical Research Center "Comet" (Israel, Tel Aviv) Wolfson Medical Center (Holon) - Department of Cardiology Ichilov Medical Center (Tel Aviv) - Department of Cardiology Research internship topic: Cardiology, Internal Medicine

Internship on Cardiology, Internal Medicine2021-03-21T23:07:14+02:00

Kazakh TV report on trainees in Israel


An interesting video reportage on the 24KZ channel, about Kazakhstani specialists undergoing training in one of the leading clinics in Israel, under the auspices of the Bolashak organization and organized by the CoMeT company. The report includes testimonials from interns, as well as a short interview with Comet Director Adele Sigal. Please note: “over the [...]

Kazakh TV report on trainees in Israel2021-03-22T11:36:45+02:00

Partnership with MDA – Magen David Adom


Magen David Adom, the national rescue organization of the State of Israel, has been actively involved in the rescue mission for 89 years lives in Israel and abroad. The training teams in the organization have a wealth of field experience and extensive knowledge of areas of emergency medical care. The combination of high training ability [...]

Partnership with MDA – Magen David Adom2021-04-05T15:21:52+03:00

Volfson Hospital


Edith Wolfson was founded in 1980 in Holon, southern Tel Aviv. The clinic bears the name of the wife of the famous philanthropist and philanthropist Aizik Wolfson - Edith Wolfson. So, during the wave of emigration that happened in the first half of the 1990s, thousands of Soviet citizens arrived from the USSR countries to [...]

Volfson Hospital2021-04-11T13:23:35+03:00

Medical center Meir


The Meir Medical Center is truly the cornerstone of regional healthcare, as it is the main medical center located in the Sharon Valley. Highly qualified personnel, as well as advanced technologies used in the treatment of patients, put the medical center on a par with the most famous medical centers in Israel. The Medical Center [...]

Medical center Meir2021-04-11T13:24:42+03:00
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