Magen David Adom, the national rescue organization of the State of Israel, has been actively involved in the rescue mission for 89 years
lives in Israel and abroad. The training teams in the organization have a wealth of field experience and extensive knowledge of
areas of emergency medical care. The combination of high training ability and practical skills results in
quality and professional training of tens of thousands per year.
The MDA Education Department is the leading first aid specialist in the State of Israel and monthly
conducts dozens of SPP and first aid courses in a variety of institutions and organizations, including hospitals, foundations
health care, nursing schools, factories, educational institutions, security organizations, government agencies and army Defense of Israel.
The department also works in collaboration with various academic institutions in Israel such as the Faculty of Medicine and universities, and train its staff.
One of the main goals of the MDA training department is to provide as many people as possible tools and knowledge for first aid and resuscitation. Educational department staff work day and night to reach as many different types of population as possible, both in content and in methods training to enable as many people as possible to gain knowledge and save lives.
The range of courses on offer ranges from basic (resuscitation and first aid) to the most advanced level, including training for paramedics, paramedics, blood collectors, special training for doctors and nurses, and unique projects of national importance.
The types of courses we offer: basic CPR and defibrillator use, reviving children and babies, caregivers for a total of 22 hours of training, first aid for a total of 44 hours of training, emergency medical equipment drivers / ambulance for a total of 227 hours of training, pumping adult venous blood (over the age of 14), sailors first aid, rescue buffets, pesticides and guards, first aid intelligence parents, teams, ACLS, PALS, pears and many others ..
We may deliver courses at one of the MDA training centers located nationwide and / or at customer sites in in accordance with his request and by prior coordination.
The Department’s activities continue to expand, and each year its workforce teaches about 150,000 students at various levels, including first aid volunteers, security personnel, police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, paramedics, kindergarten teachers, assistants, guardians, teachers, book and more.
Today, most of the medical staff in hospitals and HMOs in Israel choose to attend annual training at Magen David Adom, which is a great achievement for the organization.
Qualified instructors, training methods and professional equipment. All instructors at MDA are medically trained: paramedics or paramedics who use a variety of methods
training to provide the public with first aid tools in a medical emergency help. All instructors are graduates of the official training course of the organization and maintain their professionalism
as part of regular training programs.
Teaching is carried out in a frontal manner with students in the classroom, combined with hands-on practice using puppets and means of advanced training. In addition, there are training courses that include online training that allows learn on time and at a pace that is appropriate for the student. These courses also combine hands-on classroom practice with a certified
MDA instructor.
To enable listeners to convey the closest sensations to reality and practice emergency treatment in the most realistic way, the training department uses the most advanced practice equipment: basic and advanced airway management, puppets that allow medication, defibrillation, rationing and electric reversion, reviews on the quality of basic resuscitation Quality of massage, mega-code practice and much more.
Recognized by the American Heart Association (AHA) The American Heart Association has recognized the MDA’s Department of Education as an Official Training Center (ITC) and its
representative in Israel. The Department is authorized to issue American Heart Association certifications for defined courses in accordance with the AHA criteria and standards. MDA or at the request of the customer.
This recognition reinforces MDA’s status as an organization that not only saves lives, but is also responsible for the transmission of
knowledge to save lives among the general public.
As befits an organization that strives for continuous efficiency, registration and documentation of trainees in courses carrying out it is done online, quickly and easily, and students receive digital certificates of participation, as well as send official certificate by mail.
Save time!
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