The professionals of the CoMeT center are ready to travel anywhere in the world to share their experience and knowledge in the field of medicine, as well as to provide guidance and assistance to anyone who needs it outside of Israel.

The International Projects and Training Department, as well as the professional teaching staff, offer you the following courses:

  • practical training courses;
  • theoretical and clinical training courses;
  • theoretical training courses combined with medical simulation;
  • training in the implementation of clinical procedures.

We also offer you to take a theoretical course for managers.

These courses cover various aspects of administrative management in the field of healthcare, namely:

  • Logistics;
  • Economy;
  • Accounting and reporting;
  • human resources management;
  • information technologies.

Practical training

Complete unique hands-on training at the MSR Center:

We provide an opportunity for everyone to take practical training in the most multidisciplinary medical simulation center in the world – MSR.

In the process of training individual trainees or entire groups, various simulation scenarios are used with the use of both simple and high technologies. After working out all the scenarios, trainees will be able to view the training records together with their teachers and discuss all the issues that concern them.

The course of medical simulation

Our references:

In 2010-2011, we conducted clinical courses and seminars for neonatologists and gynecologists in Georgia, where we also conducted a course “from guidelines to protocol”. All training courses were conducted exclusively by highly qualified specialists with extensive practical experience.
Especially for you, we will be able to select and adapt courses to your specific needs. You can also choose combined courses that combine all of the above options.