Soraski Medical Center One of the largest medical centers in Tel Aviv is truly the Medical Center. Soraski, founded in 1899 or as it is also called Ichilov. Also, the center is the third largest medical institution in Israel. In addition, the medical center. Sorasky provides all the academic and research opportunities specifically for specialists from the School of Medicine. Zackler and nurses from the School. Sheinborn.

Moreover, the composition of the medical center. Sorasky is part of Malram, an institute for special medical examinations, which unites 30 medical clinics, where they carry out various types of unique diagnostics and treatment, which, unfortunately, are not included in the national health insurance program.

Medical Center. Soraski is an important provider of medical care in Tel Aviv, in addition, the center is a national advisory center in the field of medical fields such as pediatric and adult neurosurgery, organ transplantation, orthopedics and surgical oncology, traumatology and others.

The territory of the complex of the medical center. Soraski is 150,000 square meters, where three clinics are located, including the Ichilov clinic, the Lis obstetric and gynecological center, the Dana hospital for children and the V. Ida Soraski.

These 3 clinics have

  • 1,050 beds for inpatients
  • about 1,700 nurses, including attendants
  • 1.132 medical specialists, 657 of them are doctors
  • there are about 60 different departments and institutes in clinics
  • about 150 outpatient clinics
  • medical center them. Soraski is ISO certified
  • Landing helipad on the roof of the main building

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By AlexJilitsky – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,