Meir Hospital width = The Meir Medical Center is truly the cornerstone of regional healthcare, as it is the main medical center located in the Sharon Valley. Highly qualified personnel, as well as advanced technologies used in the treatment of patients, put the medical center on a par with the most famous medical centers in Israel.

The Medical Center itself bears the name of Dr. Yosef Meir, who was the first head of the Israeli Ministry of Health. It is he who is credited with the founding of this clinic, on July 15, 1956, who later began to manage the health department of the Meir clinic.

Initially, the Meir Medical Center was intended for the maintenance and treatment of patients with tuberculosis. Later, the center was transformed into a general clinic. However, the process of transition from a tuberculosis clinic to a general clinic took more than one year. Today, Meir Medical Center is the main medical institution in the Sharon region.

 So, in its 100 departments and divisions, the clinic is ready to accept 704 inpatients, and all departments and divisions of the clinic are famous for the high professionalism of their specialists. After all, the main values ​​leading to success in the treatment and recovery of patients, the highly qualified staff of the Meir Medical Center calls the constant striving for excellence in work and the high professionalism of its doctors.

Meir Medical Center works closely with the Tel Aviv University School of Medicine. Most of the doctors of the center have the title of professors. On the basis of the center, various seminars and various clinical trials are actively held, in which both students and young specialists have the opportunity to participate. The medical center also has a laboratory fund, which is supported by the University. Bar-Ilan.

International Accreditation

Accredited Meir is one of the first three hospitals in the country to receive accreditation for international quality and safety standards in medicine.
The hospital received accreditation and certification of standards in 2008 and since then has passed certification tests every three years. The accreditation program is based on international models of quality and patient safety standards and is distributed in collaboration with Joint Commission International (JCI).

Meir Medical Center – Israel’s Olympic Clinic

The clinic employs professional orthopedists, as well as surgeons with a high reputation at the world level, specializing in the field of sports medicine. The center has the opportunity to satisfy all the wishes of patients, thanks to the modern equipment of the clinic and the latest technologies that are used in the treatment of a particular disease. In 2008 alone, the clinic carried out 59,484 hospitalizations. Conducted 4,360,244 laboratory tests. The clinic took 227,921 X-rays and scans. And they carried out 18.440 operations.

Not so long ago, the Meir Medical Center began to be called the leading sports medicine clinic in Israel. And this is no coincidence, because one of the main directions of the clinic’s work is sports medicine. Five years ago, the Meir Medical Center received the status of the Olympic Clinic, on the basis that the Israeli Olympic team undergoes medical examination and treatment here. Thus, in 2004, the Meir Medical Center had the honor to accompany the Israeli Olympic team in Athens, but today the center still provides comprehensive medical support to its compatriots. That is why “Meir” is the only clinic that has the right to use the five rings of the international symbols of the Olympic Games.