A significant delegation of Kazakhstani physicians has successfully completed an advanced training course at one of Israel’s leading hospitals in Haifa. During their time there, they gained valuable insights into the functioning of the medical institution, as reported by Sergey Auslander, a correspondent for “Khabar 24.”

Among the participants, Aigerim Zhandos had to balance the roles of a mother and a medical intern. She arrived in Israel with her family just six months ago when her youngest child was only slightly over a month old. Aigerim, who works as an obstetrician-gynecologist in the Kostanay region, seized the opportunity to elevate her professional skills in Haifa. She described her experience as both intense and fulfilling, involving practical work in various departments, interactions with fellow medical professionals, and in-depth exploration of the latest treatment modalities.

Aigerim Zhandos, Gynecologist, shared her perspective: “Our family relocated here when our elder child was three years old, and the younger one was just 37 days old. Currently, I am undergoing an internship at a prominent clinic in Haifa, Israel. I am eager to apply the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in Israel to contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Kazakhstan.”

Another cohort of 20 doctors from the Abay region also participated in the program. Their specialties span a wide range, encompassing surgeons, anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons, and more. Their program included immersive experiences such as observing surgeries, engaging with Israeli medical luminaries, and familiarizing themselves with the unique aspects of a hospital serving the entirety of northern Israel.

Dr. Tuleugali Kurshebayev, a neurosurgeon, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity: “We completed a comprehensive two-week internship at one of Israel’s leading clinics, specializing in innovative treatment methods for our patients. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the regional authorities and the clinic for facilitating our learning journey and professional development.”

These invaluable training experiences for Kazakhstani doctors were orchestrated by the International Center for Medical Staff Qualification Enhancement (SOMET). Initially conceived as sporadic visits and knowledge exchanges, the program has now evolved into a sustained initiative. Israeli medical experts actively collaborate with their Kazakhstani counterparts, sharing expertise and fostering mutual growth.

Adel Sigal, the General Director of the International Center for Medical Staff Qualification Enhancement, reflected on the program’s success: “Our center has been in operation for 17 years and was established with the support of the embassies of Kazakhstan and Israel. Over this period, approximately 3,500 doctors from Kazakhstan have benefitted from our programs. These initiatives encompass not only internships but also lectures and seminars conducted abroad. Israeli specialists frequently visit Kazakhstan to lead masterclasses and knowledge-sharing sessions. Our collaboration continues to gain momentum, and Israeli hospitals eagerly anticipate the arrival of new cohorts of Kazakhstani colleagues.”

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