Медицинские Центры

Volfson Hospital


Edith Wolfson was founded in 1980 in Holon, southern Tel Aviv. The clinic bears the name of the wife of the famous philanthropist and philanthropist Aizik Wolfson - Edith Wolfson. So, during the wave of emigration that happened in the first half of the 1990s, thousands of Soviet citizens arrived from the USSR countries to [...]

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Medical center Meir


The Meir Medical Center is truly the cornerstone of regional healthcare, as it is the main medical center located in the Sharon Valley. Highly qualified personnel, as well as advanced technologies used in the treatment of patients, put the medical center on a par with the most famous medical centers in Israel. The Medical Center [...]

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Medical center “Hadassah”


The large-scale medical institution "Hadassah" has been treating and recovering patients with various diseases for many years. Thus, the Hadassah Medical Center works in all areas and areas of modern medicine. And in 2005, Hadassah Medical Center received the Nobel Prize. Every year, the Hadassah Joint Medical Center conducts various educational and training programs for [...]

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Medical center «Assuta»


"Assuta" is considered one of the most modern clinics in the Middle East. The first Assuta clinic was founded in 1934 in Tel Aviv. And in 2009, the renovated Assuta clinic was opened, on the renovation of which about $ 1 billion was spent, namely on the construction and purchase of high-quality and modern equipment. [...]

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Tel aviv Univercity


Philosophy of the Faculty of Medicine. Zachler Tel Aviv University aims to educate all students to develop their abilities by encouraging them to study for a long time to reach their maximum potential. The Tel Aviv University School of Medicine was founded in 1963 in response to the need for medical specialties. Today the Faculty [...]

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Medical center “Asaf Ha-rofe”


The leading academic clinic "Asaf Ha-Rofe", whose specialists participate in various international studies, and the results of the research are demonstrated at prestigious medical conferences, both in Israel and abroad, was founded in 1949. Since then, the Medical Center "Asaf Ha-Rofe" has been closely cooperating with the Faculty of Medicine. Zakler Tel Aviv University. And [...]

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Медицинский центр «Шиба»


Здесь работают врачи, которые в первую очередь являются людьми Среди главных медицинских учреждений не только в Израиле, но и на всем Ближнем Востоке находится клиника им. Хаима Шиба или как ее еще называют «Шиба». Клиника имеет широкое международное признание в сфере исследовательской работы и подготовки кадров. В том числе, «Шиба» славится высоким качеством предоставляемых [...]

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