Assuta “Assuta” is considered one of the most modern clinics in the Middle East. The first Assuta clinic was founded in 1934 in Tel Aviv. And in 2009, the renovated Assuta clinic was opened, on the renovation of which about $ 1 billion was spent, namely on the construction and purchase of high-quality and modern equipment.

Assuta Clinic is the largest private medical center in Israel. And the clinic is famous for its effective approach to the treatment of many diseases. So, in the medical center “Assuta” use only high-quality equipment, as well as the latest, advanced technology.

Today, the Assuta medical complex includes specialized clinics, women’s health centers, four private hospitals, IVF centers, oncological institutes, five radiography institutes, cardiological institutes, dialysis units, gastroenterological units, and others.

Innovative technologies and the ability to create comfortable conditions for patients have become the main focus of the clinic. Thus, there are 1,500 professional doctors in the clinic for 350 inpatients. In addition, the clinic has 16 operating rooms and 27 emergency beds. The clinic also has a private suite, with shower and toilet in the room. Moreover, TV and Internet services are available to patients.

Advantages of Assuta Medical Center:

  • 1500 highly professional and experienced Israeli surgeons and specialists
  • Using advanced surgical technology
  • Using innovative approaches to diagnostics
  • Modern X-ray equipment
  • Excellent equipment of the clinic
  • Providing patients with a comfortable environment

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 Assuta Medical Center

Surgery at the Assuta Medical Center

The real pride of the Assuta clinic is the new surgical complex, which was built in 2003. The modern complex was developed taking into account the needs of surgeons, and, first of all, patients. Thus, using high-tech sensor equipment, the doctor can monitor various vital functions of the patient, and instantly access his medical history. And 12 main operating rooms are equipped according to the latest technology and are the best not only in Israel, but also in the world.

With an area of ​​60 m², the operating room accommodates all the necessary equipment. All operating rooms are equipped with sophisticated air conditioning systems, which make it possible to perform the most complex operations. In addition, the clinic has 4 additional “small” operating rooms. During the operation, the doctor or the patient himself can choose a melody that will sound in the operating room.

Treatment of cancer patients

One of the priority areas of the Assuta clinic is oncology. For the treatment of cancer patients, the clinic uses the world’s best equipment. It uses the highest technologies for optical tomography and radiotherapy, as well as biopsy, PET, MRI, angiography, and CT. Thus, the modern equipment of the clinic makes it possible to treat the majority of malignant neoplasms. Here organ-preserving operations are performed using endoscopic intervention, which makes it possible to remove the tumor with a small puncture. The clinic provides all the conditions so that patients can quickly recover from surgery and return to a normal lifestyle.