Wolfson Medical Center width = Edith Wolfson was founded in 1980 in Holon, southern Tel Aviv. The clinic bears the name of the wife of the famous philanthropist and philanthropist Aizik Wolfson – Edith Wolfson.

So, during the wave of emigration that happened in the first half of the 1990s, thousands of Soviet citizens arrived from the USSR countries to Israel, mainly doctors, technologists, surgeons, nurses and other Russian-speaking medical specialists, who remained to work in the medical center. … Wolfson.

Today at the Medical Center. Edith Wolfson more than 120,000 patients seek help annually, which is the second volume of visits and services in Israel. Every day, the medical staff of the inpatient department of the clinic provides assistance to about 450 patients. Currently, the hospital. Wolfson has 60 departments, as well as units, ready to provide their patients with high-quality care at the world level, including providing a huge range of services using high and innovative technologies in all areas of medicine.

Research and academic work at the Medical Center. Edith Wolfson

Medical Center. Wolfson has close scientific relationships with various departments of Tel Aviv University. Thus, the clinic employs specialists and doctors who have academic titles or, in parallel with their work, conduct research activities on the basis of the clinic, while teaching at the School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

In addition, the medical center. Wolfson offers extensive support to a huge number of healthcare facilities in developing countries. So, for many international medical training programs, the medical center. Edith Wolfson remains that clinical base for both research and academic activities. And the very results of scientific research of doctors and highly qualified specialists who work in the clinic. Wolfson can be seen published in the world’s most recognized medical publications.

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